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Feel free to browse this truly tasteful library of delicious treats. From Candy apples to Dunkaroos if you can remember it it can likely be found here. Regardless if your just searching for a quick idea for a snack or trying to find.

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You can check the list below on this homepage for an alphabetical list of snacks to make it more easy to find what you need. Let this site be your memory bank of information, as it includes plenty of details for your enjoyment! Use the list given below for suggestions on great snacks for you, your friends, and your family, our list also contains many rare snacks you may not have thought about for years!


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Snack Memory is your snack guideWe have all sorts of snacks in our data base you can browse through it to get some great ideas for snacks. Snack Memory has snacks most other sites would not even bother with but we will. We know you want.

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Some details you will find from searching the list detailed list below includes known location that may have the snack in stock, publicly listed ingredients , known variations of the snack such as alternative flavors, and much mor.

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We are here for all your snack and candy review needsWe here at Snack Memory know our fans love there snacks and so do we. We ourselves eat many of these snacks and treats. As such we often offer either reviews from ourselves or from.

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Snack Memory's Mission Statement

Snack Memory is here to bring together the greatest collection of snacks, candy, and treats that have ever existed. This information is brought to you, so you can remember and enjoy. Here you will find information on your favorite snacks, including if it can still be bought and where, as well as much more.

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